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Below is a list of instruments that fall into the category of a DEMO instrument. Some have been played on. Some have not. All instruments are in great condition and look brand new except for those marked "used." Please call us for a description of the condition of those items.

Chops Clearance/Demo List - Updated 4/22/2020

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Audio1SSKITSabian Drumset Mic Kit, 3-pack w/mixer$450.00 $219.00 Demo
Audio1DBR12Yamaha Active Speaker, 12" 1000W, onboard mixer$659.00 $429.00 PASIC display
Concert5YGS-100Yamaha Rolling Bell Stand/Trap Table$630.00$375.00Closeout
Concert1D-YGS70Bell Stand, Yamaha X-style, height adjustable$136.00 $75.00 MFA Concert Band Festival
Marching5CXS1Pearl CX Airframe Carrier - Snare w/ CXSA2 attachment$510.00$197.00Veritas Percussion
Marching9MSS3000Pearl Advanced Marching Hardware - Snare Stand$377.20$146.00Veritas Percussion
Marching3CXT1Pearl CX Airframe Carrier - Tenor w/ CXBB1/B backbar$580.00$224.00Veritas Percussion
Marching5MTS3000Pearl Advanced Marching Hardware - Tenor Stand$420.90$163.00Veritas Percussion
Marching5MBS3000Pearl Advanced Marching Hardware - Bass Stand$418.60$162.00Veritas Percussion
Marching2MAHF50SPAdams 5.0 oct. Adams Artist Series Marimba w/ field frame, rosewood bars$26,040.00$11,132.00Veritas Percussion
Marching3MAHF46SPAdams 4.6 oct. Adams Artist Series Marimba w/ field frame, rosewood bars$23,295.00$9,957.00Veritas Percussion
Marching5VCSF30SPAdams 3.0 oct. Adams Concert Series Vibraphone w/ field frame, silver bars$7,438.00$2,439.00Veritas Percussion
Marching1GAF33SPAdams 3.3 oct. Adams Artist Series Glockenspiel w/ field frame, pedal$7,686.00$2,816.00Veritas Percussion
Marching1XSKF35SPAdams 3.5 oct. Adams Soloist Series Xylophone w/ field frame, synthetic bars$4,680.00$1,543.00Veritas Percussion
Practice2MKPMPractice Pad Meinl Maker$32.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1AE-FD18T-DFrame Drum Meinl 18" Artisan Edition Mizhar, Walnut w/ Goat Skin$264.00 $132.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1PA10AB-MPandeiro Meinl 10", Aftrican Brown w/ Goat Skin Head$178.00 $89.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion2PHTAHeel Tambourine Meinl Professional$34.00 $17.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion4FJS2S-BKFoot Tambourine Meinl$18.00 $9.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion2CFT5-BKFoot Tambourine Meinl, Cajon$23.00 $12.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1FS-BKFoot Shaker Meinl$20.00 $10.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion4FR1MTFoot Rattle Meinl$39.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1PAV10AB-M-TFPandiero Meinl 10" Vented Brass Jingles$170.00 $69.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1PBP510Pandiero Pearl 10" w/bag$150.00 $60.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1SH-7-M-BKShaker Meinl, Fiberglass, Medium, Back$52.00 $26.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1SH4BKShaker Meinl Conte Live, Black$23.00 $12.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion4SH15-LShaker Meinl Wood, Large$30.00 $12.50 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1SH16Shaker Meinl Original Spark$31.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1SH18Shaker Meinl Headed Spark$31.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion2SH26-L-SShaker Meinl Crystal, Studio$32.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion2SH26-L-LShaker Meinl Crystal, Live$32.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1VR-CSHShaker Meinl Crystal, VivaRhythm Red/Orange$40.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1CAX1Caxixi Meinl Small$19.00 $10.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion6PGA40Shaker Pearl Double Shaker$55.00 $15.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion4PGA50SFShaker Pearl Groove Shaker w/free pair of Chops 5A sticks$40.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1AE-CMTA3BOTambourine Meinl Headed, Artisan Compact, Bronze Jingles$169.00 $71.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1TAH2BK-R-TFTambourine Meinl Headed, 2 Rows Black Plated Steel Jingles$62.00 $31.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1BBTA2-BKTambourine Meinl SFX Backbeat, For Snare Drum$23.00 $11.50 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1VR-ABS1Tambourine Meinl VivaRhythm, Plastic, Black Plated Jingles$30.00 $15.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1SCL475-BKCowbell Meinl 4.75" Classic Rock, High Pitch, Black$46.00 $23.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1SCL70-BKCowbell Meinl 7" Timbalero, Hig Pitch, Black$62.00 $31.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1STB80BCowbell Meinl 8", Big Mouth$62.00 $31.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1STB80SCowbell Meinl 8", Small Mouth$62.00 $31.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1STB625Cowbell Meinl 6.25"$53.00 $27.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1TRILLiquid Triangle Meinl$79.00 $40.00 PASIC display
Hand Percussion1BOWLHelix Bowl Meinl$64.00 $32.00 PASIC display
World1HE-3000Doumbek Meinl Aluminum Black$212.00 $106.00 PASIC display
World5ABD-LDoumbek Meinl Wood$85.00 $30.00 PASIC display
World1AECLWNCajon Meinl Cantina Line, Walnut Frontplate$840.00 $420.00 PASIC display
World2VR-XCAJ-SOCajon Meinl VivaRhythm, Striped Onyx Frontplate$160.00 $80.00 PASIC display
World11VR-CAJ2GOCajon Meinl VivaRhythm, Cardboard Cajon2Go$30.00 $15.00 PASIC display
World5DCSMeinl Deluxe Cajon Seat $34.00 $17.00 PASIC display
World4PSCBC1213Cajon Case, Pearl Bass Case (Case with tunable drumhead)$349.00 $149.00 PASIC display
World1PBC511M2Cajon Pearl Sonic Boom Mach 2 cajon, birch & walnut$499.00 $260.00 PASIC display
World1TMSTCPCajon Pedal Meinl Direct Drive$164.00 $82.00 PASIC display
World1TMSTCP-2Cajon Pedal Meinl Direct Drive Heel Activated $164.00 $82.00 PASIC display
World6JT-S-BKJingle Tape Meinl, Medium$24.90 $12.45 PASIC display
World2PSC125DJDjembe Case, Pearl Djembe Bag for 12.5"$140.00 $55.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1MC-1Multi-Clamp Meinl, One Mount$48.00 $24.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1MSB-1Stick Bag Meinl Pro$35.00 $18.00 PASIC display
Accessories 6MSTCB22Bag Cymbal Meinl 22", Gig$74.00 $37.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1MSTCJBBag Cajon Meinl, Gig$45.00 $15.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1MCJB-LBag Cajon Meinl, Large Pro$116.00 $30.00 PASIC display
Accessories 7MSTCJB-BPBag Cajon Meinl, Backpack$54.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1VR-TRICAJBBag Cajon Meinl, Tri Tone, VivaRhythm$50.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1MFDB-18BOBag Frame Drum Meinl, 18" Pro$82.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Accessories 6MSTTBBag Tambourine Meinl, Gig$30.00 $10.00 PASIC display
Accessories 3CSM-MCajon Add-On Side Mount Meinl, Medium$16.90 $7.00 PASIC display
Accessories 2CSM-LCajon Add-On Side Mount Meinl, Large$25.00 $10.00 PASIC display
Accessories 2KP-JT-BKCajon Add-On Knee Jingle Tap Meinl$34.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Accessories 1KP-ST-BKCajon Add-On Knee Snare Tap Meinl$34.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Accessories 3WSS1BKCajon Add-On Side Snare Meinl$48.00 $20.00 PASIC display
Accessories 2CAJ-BLKCajon Add-On Blanket Meinl$22.00 $11.00 PASIC display
Cymbals1MCTCymbal Tuners Meinl Magnets$32.00 $16.00 PASIC display
Cymbals2THH1B-BKHi-Hat Tambourine Meinl 5" Pro Brass$54.00 $27.00 PASIC display
Cymbals111402XN14" HI-HATS HHX STAGE$756.00 $325.08 Midwest B&O Clinic
Cymbals11205520" ARTISAN TRADITIONAL SYMPHONIC MED-HEAVY (PAIRS)$1,678.00 $721.54 Midwest B&O Clinic
Cymbals11162316" HH SUSPENDED$500.00 $215.00 Midwest B&O Clinic

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