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Below is a list of instruments that fall into the category of a DEMO instrument. Some have been played on. Some have not. All instruments are in great condition and look brand new except for those marked "used." Please call us for a description of the condition of those items.

Chops Clearance/Demo List - Updated 4/18/2022

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Bag - Bodhran1MFBD-18BOMeinl 18" Bodhran Bag$54.99 $40.00Clearance
Bag - Bongo1MSTBB1Meinl Standard Bongo Bag$21.99 $16.00Clearance
Bag - Cajon3MSTBJB-BPMeinl Backpack Cajon Bag$32.99 $20.00Clearance
Bag - Cajon1MCJBMeinl Professionl Cajon Bag$56.99 $45.00Clearance
Bag - Cajon3MSTCJBMeinl Standard Cajong Bag$26.99 $22.00Clearance
Bag - Cajon1MDLXCJB-LMeinl Deluxe Bass Cajon Bag$94.99 $75.00 Clearance
Bag - Djembe1MSTDJBMeinl Standard Draw-String $39.99 $30.00Clearance
Bag - Djembe1PSC125DJPearl 12.5" Djembe Bag$108.00 $50.00Clearance
Bag - Djembe2DJ-0012-BG-Remo 10-12" Djembe Bag$76.99 $50.00Clearance
Bag - Djembe2DJ-0014-BG-Remo 13-14" Djembe Bag$84.49 $55.00Clearance
Bag - Hardware1DHB6500Drum Fire 40"13"12.5 Hardware Tilt/Pull Bag$160.95 $100.00 Clearance
Bag - Snare Drum1DS508BDHumes & Berg Drum Seeker 20" Bass Drum Bag$125.95 $100.00Clearance
Bag - Snare Drum2GP-ART-1406SDGator 14x6.5 Snare Drum Bag$24.99 $18.00Clearance
Bag - Snare Drum13011-UProtect 14x5.5 Snare Drum Bag$114.99 $80.00 Clearance
Bag - Tambourine1MSTTBMienl Standard Tambourine Bag$18.99 $15.00PASIC
Brushes1SB301Meinl Compact Wire Brusehs$22.99 $17.00 PASIC
Brushes1SB302Meinl 7A Fixed Wire Brushes$24.99 $20.00 PASIC
Brushes1SB303Meinl Fixed Nylon Brushes$19.99 $15.00 PASIC
Brushes2SB306Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes$22.99 $17.00 PASIC
Cable - CAT5E3CAT5E-ULT-200CBI 200" Ultimate Series CAT5E Ethernet Cable$179.79 $140.00 Clearance
Cable - Snake1SH-8X0-25Hosa 25' 8 Input XLR Snake$105.55 $85.00 Clearance
Cable - Snake7PW-XLRFB-01Planet Waves XLR Female Modular Breakout Cable$64.49 $55.00 Clearance
Cable - Snake3PW-XLRMB-01Planet Waves XLR Male Modular Breakout Calbe$64.49 $55.00 Clearance
Cajon Accs.5CAJH100Pearl Add-On Cajon Holster$35.00$15.00Clearance
Carrier2CSASDTTama Silver Armor Snare Carrier$333.49 $250.00 Clearance
Carrier1CSATNTTama Silver Armor Tenor Carrier$333.49 $250.00 Clearance
Case - BD1DR445BDBKSPEnduro 20x18 Bass Drum Case w/Foam$271.29 $200.00 Clearance
Case - Keyboard1GK-88 SLIMGator GK-88 Keyboard Case Slim w/ Wheels$299.99 $200.00 Clearance
Cowbell1STB80BHH-SMeinl Hand Hammered 8" Steel Big Mouth Cowbell$48.99 $35.00 PASIC
Cowbell2KA80SMeinl Kenny Arnoff Hammered Chrome Cowbell$44.99 $30.00 PASIC
Cowbell1STB80BHH-CMeinl Hammered Copper 8" Big Mouth Cowbell$48.99 $30.00 PASIC
Cowbell1SCL70-BKMeinl 7" Timbalero Cowbell - High Pitch$42.99 $25.00 PASIC
Cymbal - Crash1CC20DACMienl 20" Classics Custom Dark Crash Cymbal$199.99 $160.00 PASIC
Cymbal - Crash1PA18MCMeinl 18" Pure Alloy Crash Cymbal$259.99 $210.00 Clearance
Cymbal - Crash1MCS18MCMeinl 18" MCS Medium Crash Cymbal$99.99 $75.00 Clearance
Cymbal - Crash111711XEB*Demo* Sabian 17" Evolution Effects Cymbal$354.99 $200.00 Veritas 2019
Cymbal - Hi Hat1CC15DAHMeinl 15" Classic Customs Dark Hi-Hat Cymbal$249.99 $200.00 PASIC
Cymbal - Hi-Hat1MCS14MHMeinl 14" MCS Medium Hi-Hat$119.99 $90.00 Clearance
Cymbal - Hi-Hat111402XNSabian 14" HHX Stage Hi-Hat Cymbals$464.99 $350.00 Clearance
Cymbal - Ride1PA20MRMeinl 20" Pure Alloy Medium Ride Cymbal$309.99 $250.00 PASIC
Cymbal - Splash111005XEB*Demo* Sabian 10" HHX Evolution Splash Cymbal$174.99 $100.00 Veritas 2019
Cymbal PKG1XSR5006B1Sabian 16"/18" XSR Fast Crashes w/ Bag$299.99 $200.00 Clearance
Cymbal Stand2TMSCSMeinl Suspended Cymbal Stand$119.99 $100.00Clearance
Doumbek1HE-3018Meinl Aluminum Engraved Doumbek w/ Bag$142.99 $105.00 PASIC
Drum Sampler1SPD-SXRoland SPD-SX Drum Pad/Sampler #1$749.99 $599.00 Clearance
Drum Sampler1SPD-SXRoland SPD-SX Drum Pad/Sampler #2$749.99 $699.00 Clearance
Drum Sticks1SB100Meinl 7A Standard Drum Sticks$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks4SB101Meinl 5A Standard Drum Sticks$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks4SB102Meinl 5B Standard Drum Sticks$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks1SB103Meinl 5A Standard Long Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks2SB104Meinl 5B Standard Long Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks1SB106Meinl 5A Hybrid Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks1SB107Meinl 5B Hybrid Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks6SB109Meinl 5B Heavy Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks11SB110Meinl 2B Heavy Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks4SB111Meinl Big Apple Bop Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks2SB113Meinl Concert SD1 Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks9SB114Meinl Concert SD2 Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Drum Sticks7SB115Meinl Concert SD4 Drum Stick$10.99 $8.50 PASIC
Keyboard Stand1KS7350On-Stage Folding Z Keyboard Stand$156.95 $100.00 Clearance
Mallets - Drum Set1SB401Meinl Medium Drum Set Mallets$19.99 $15.00 PASIC
Mallets - Xylo/Bells300M14Vic Firth M14 Soft Nylon Mallets$20.99 $16.00 Clearance
Marching Tenors2M60234DTSBK*DEMO*Tama 6/10/12/13/14 Premium Maple Tenors$1,081.49 $770.00 Pacers 2018
Microphone1SM81Shure SM81 Instrument Condenser Microphone$349.00 $315.00 Clearance
Misc4SB502Meinl Black Stick Tape (wraps 2 pairs)$9.99 $8.00PASIC
Multi Rod Sticks1SB200Meinl Standard Birch Mutli Rod Sticks$19.99 $15.00 PASIC
Multi Rod Sticks1SB203Meinl Light Bamboo Multi Rod Sticks$17.99 $15.00 PASIC
Multi Rod Sticks1SB204Meinl XL Bamboo Mutli Rod Sticks$19.99 $15.00 PASIC
Multi Rod Sticks1SB205Meinl Bamboo Brush Mutli Rod Sticks$19.99 $15.00 PASIC
Multi Rod Sticks1SB206Meinl Super Flex Nylon Multi Rod Sticks$22.99 $17.00 PASIC
Stand - Djembe1ST-DJEMBEMeinl Djembe Stand - Basket$99.99 $75.00 PASIC
Stand - BD1LE787Ludwig LE787 All-Terrain Tilting Bass Drum Stand$785 $700 Clearance
Stick Bags2SBGMBergerault Large Mallet Bag$81.79 $65.00 Clearance
Stick Bags3GP-007AGator Stick Bag (Holds 12 Pairs)$24.99 $20.00 Clearance
Stick Bags2PMQ3Promark Marching Stick Bag 3 Pair Quiver$19.29 $15.00 Clearance
Stick Bags6MSSBMeinl Large Stick Bag (Black)$44.99 $35.00 PASIC
Stick Bags5CKBAGVic Firth Concert Keyboard Mallet Bag$83.95 $70.00Clearance
Stick Bags1YMB-150Yamaha Mallet Bag$50.29 $40.00Clearance
Surdo Bag1MSUB-18Meinl 18" Surdo Bag$129.99 $100.00Clearance
Tambourine2HTAMeinl Heel Tambourine - Steel$15.99 $10.00 PASIC
Timbale Sticks2SB117Meinl 5/16" Timbale Sticks - 1 Pair$5.99 $5.00 PASIC
Timbale Sticks1SB118Meinl 3/8" Timbale Sticks - 1 Pair$5.99 $5.00 PASIC
Timbale Sticks1SB119Meinl 1/2" Timbale Sticks - 1 Pair$5.99 $5.00 PASIC
Wind Chimes1HCH2BKMeinl 33 Bar Single Row Wind Chimes$129.99 $99.00 Clearance

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