Grover T2/Phbr 10" Phosphor Bronze Tambourine

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Grover Pro Percussion combines modern technology with "old world" craftsmanship to produce the finest concert tambourines available. All of our tambourines provide you the tools for creating dynamic response, articulation and tonal colors needed to sound your absolute best. Each tambourine features a premium "natural skin" head which is glued and tacked to the traditional Grover solid shell (since 1979!).

Our Phosphor Bronze model is a favorite of percussionists who desire a deep, darker sound color. Phosphor Bronze compliments the deep character of romantic European orchestral repertoire. Equally suited for concert band or small ensemble, this special alloy is for those who gravitate towards mid-range and darker overtones.


  • Deep and Dark Sound Profile
  • Double Row with Calf Skin Head
  • Staggered jingle configuration = 360 evenness of sound
  • Includes carrying/storage bag

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