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Yamaha Ensemble Chimes YCH585C 1 1/2 w/Cover

Item #: YCH585C-YA

* 1 1/2 Octave w/ C40-G59 Range * Extended range (C40-G59) - Satisfies more repertoire requirements and allows for more creative writing. * Full width pedal - Convenient to use and features smooth operation. * 1 1/2" Deagan tubes - Provide a full-bodied sound with superior resonance. * Yamaha/Deagan exclusive tuning and voicing methods - Ensure true pitch, full sound and is consistent with the traditional Deagan tone. * Matte finish with clear lacquer coating - Offers exceptional warmth, superb resonance, and reduces glare, especially when used outdoors. * Heavy duty frame includes dual lower crossbars and 4" locking casters - For long term durability, stability during play and ease of transport. * One-touch, pedal locking mechanism - Locks damper box open when desired. * Cover Included

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