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Adams Concert Xylophone XCHV40

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Item #: XCHV40-AD

Adams Concert Xylophones offers the ultimate in both sound and quality. Its carefully selected Honduras rosewood bars are manufactured slightly wider than standard. Concert Xylophones are available in 2 tuning options, octave tuning and quint tuning. The octave tuned instrument has a clear and brilliant sound and is mostly used in European countries. An octave tuned instrument has the first overtone 2 octaves above the fundamental.

The quint tuned instrument has a quint tuned in between the fundamental and the double octave, this results in a clear the and brilliant sound. Quint tuned instruments produces a short, penetrating attack that cuts though the largest orchestra and ensemble. Quint tuning was used on the classic American Xylophones of the 20ís and 30ís.

4.0 Octave Concert Xylophone
Wood: Honduras Rosewood
Tuning: A=442 Hz.
Range: C4 - C8
Length: 142cm (56")
Lo End: 84cm (33")
Hi End: 58cm (23")
Ht Adj: 80cm - 100cm
(Ht Adj: 31.5" - 39.3")
Weight: 53kg (117 lbs.)

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