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Pearl Symphonic Concert 14x6.5 Maple Snare Drum

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Item #: SYP1465-PE

14" x 6 1/2"

Pearl's Symphonic Concert Snare Drums are the ultimate expression of excellence in concert quality snare drum design. Developed exclusively for the concert hall, these outstanding drums feature a 6 ply, 7.5mm thick, 100% aged Maple shell, formed by Pearl's patented Heat Compression Shell Molding System, finished in beautiful high gloss Antique Sunburst. Classic tube lugs with die cast hoops give this drum an unmistakable vintage look. But in sharp contrast to its classic visual is the state of the art precision and versatility of the finest snare system on the market today.

Our Multi-Timbre Snare Strainer System features three separate adjustable throw-offs in one unit, controlling light cable, heavy cable and wire snares, in any combination, providing unbelievable control and endless sound options. Along with our Philharmonic Concert Snare Drums, no other snare drums on the market offer such a perfect combination of classic styling, supreme quality and craftsmanship, unsurpassed tonality, and the unprecedented control and versatility offered by the Multi-Timbre or Triad Silent Snare Systems.

Our Symphonic Concert Snare Drums are available in both 5.5"X14" and 6.5"X14" sizes. Both offer 10 tube style tension lugs, die cast hoops, Remo Renaissance batter heads, and the revolutionary Multi-Timbre Snare Strainer.

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