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Yamaha Snare Drum Brass SD4455

  • $398.29
  • $730.00

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Item #: SD4455-YA

  • Size: 14" x 5"
  • Hoop: DynaHoop (2.3mm) with 10 holes
  • Lug: Nouveau Lug
  • Lug Nut: Locked
  • Snare: Short/Hi-carbon steel/20 strands
  • Strainer Release: New B (detachable)
  • Strainer Butt: New B (detachable)
  • Head Batter: Remo Ambassador Coated
  • Head Bottom: Remo Ambassador Snare

Brass, Steel Shell Lineup Includes Small Diameter Snares
Brass and steel shells are both available in smaller diameter 13-inch configurations. The steel lineup also includes two 12-inch configurations and a 10-inch model. These three small diameter shells are fitted with rod clamps so you can attach the snare drum to a tom stand and sue it as an effect snare.

Designed to Deliver Greater Power
New Brass and Copper Shells are designed thicker than previous models to deliver a more powerful tone.

Nouveau Lugs Nouveau Lugs
Yamaha's revolutionary Nouveau Lugs utilize a flotaing design that eliminates contact between the lug casing and shell so the shell can resonate freely. Their quick release design also provides for very quick head changes and reduces the risk of losing washers since it is no longer necessary to entirely remove the tuning bolt from the lug to remove the rim.

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