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Pearl Reference Maple/Birch Snare Drum

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Item #: RF1450S-PE

Reference Snare Drums

Reference Series wood snare drums feature 20 ply shells with 6 inner plies of Birch and 14 outer plies of Maple, making it one of the loudest wood snare drums available. The 6 inner plies of Birch provides cut and attack while the outer 14 plies of Maple provide warmth and solid midrange punch. The shells 45 bearing edge provides minimum head dampening for intense crack and attack.

Reference Series Snare wood drums are available in 3 shell sizes to suit individual preferences and tastes: 14"x 5", 14"x 6.5" and 13"x 6.5". All feature pivoting lugs to assure perfect tension rod alignment for maximum resonance, MasterCast die cast hoops, SR-1000 GlideLock strainer, and UltraSound snares.

The SR-1000 GlideLock strainer features a locking lever that will not disengage no matter how hard you play yet releases easily with a push of a button. The snare tension knob also locks to retain snare tension settings. Simply push and turn the knob to adjust and release to lock. Special low-friction "bearings" and high precision castings assure smooth, gliding action.

The SN-1420D/SN-1320D UltraSound snares feature graduated tension with looser snares at the sides and tighter snares in the center. The looser snares respond to the lightest touch while the tighter snares keep their focus during loud play thus giving UltraSound snares extended sensitivity and dynamic range.

Reference Series wood snare drums are available in 6 dynamic finishes: Purple Craze, Granite Sparkle, CopperFire Sparkle, Scarlet Fade, Twilight Fade, Rootbeer Fade, and NEW Crystal Rain.

For 2006, Pearl is proud to introduce two new metal Reference Series snare drums that redefine the reference standard for metal snare drums just as our wood Reference Series snare drums did for wood snare drums.

The RFS-1450 14x5 and RFS-1465 14x6.5 feature 3mm seamless cast steel shells for unbelievable projection, crispness, and sensitivity.

The RFB-1450 14x5 and RFB-1465 14x6.5 feature 3mm rolled and welded brass shells with the same amazing projection, crispness, and sensitivity as its steel sibling but with a warmer tone.

Both feature Reference pivoting lugs for perfect tension rod alignment, MasterCast die cast hoops, SR-1000 Glide Lock strainer with locking lever that prevents the throwoff from disengaging no matter how hard you play, and UltraSound SN-1420D Graduated Tension Snares for extended dynamic range and sensitivity.

The heart and soul of your kit is your snare drum and the Reference Series Snare Drums shines through loud and clear.

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