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Pearl Philharmonic Maple Field Snare Drum PHF1412

Item #: PHF1412-PE

14" x 12"

Pearl is proud to offer our Philharmonic Concert Field Drums, featuring the revolutionary Triad Silent Strainer System. Our Philharmonic Series Field Drums offer the emotion of traditional Civil War Style rope Marching drums, combined with all the technologically advanced features common with our other Philharmonic Series Snare Drums. This 7.5mm ply Maple shell drum is available in two sizes complete with our exclusive Triad Silent Strainer System and SuperHoop II rims, and offers a superior warmth, depth and tonal sensitivity never before available to a Field Drum. This is without doubt the finest traditional style Field Drum on the market today.

These incredible drums represent state of the art design and craftsmanship, combined with groundbreaking innovation allowing the player unprecedented control over the tone, dynamics and performance of the instrument. A proprietary combination of three unique snare sets, using both graduated and even tensioning, offers seamless timbral overlapping and ultra-smooth dynamic transition, plus a greatly extended dynamic and sensitivity range. The new Triad Silent Strainer provides three individual tension adjusters allowing you to fine tune the optimum tension for each type of snare material, and a single global adjuster is used for overall tension. All snares can be effortlessly changed by simply loosening the adjuster and one drum key rod.

PHF1616- (16"X16" 7.5mm Ply Maple shell, available in #103 Piano Black & #101 High Gloss Walnut)
PHF1412- (14"X12" 7.5mm Ply Maple shell, available in #103 Piano Black & #101 High Gloss Walnut)

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