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Pearl 14"x5" Philharmonic Aluminum Snare Drum

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Item #: PHA1450-PE


Full-bodied tone, with a higher overall pitch response than traditional maple, at 3mm thick, our exclusive precision-milled Philharmonic Cast Aluminum shell snare drum is one of the thickest metal drums you’ll find. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and provides the warm, round, full-bodied resonance of a wood shell snare. However, it also possesses the snap, volume, and projection provided by a metal snare. No other concert snare drum can offer this perfect compromise between wood and metal. Since the Philharmonic PHA is a milled cast aluminum shell, its bearing edges are precision-cut and perfect every time.


  • 3mm Cast Aluminum Shell
  • SR-500 Triad Snare Throw-Off
  • Single Flange Hoops
  • Vintage Snare Bed
  • Classic Tube Lugs
  • Graduated Tension Snares

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