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Dynasty Timpani Cambered Copper P11-DT26

Item #: P11-DT26-DY

Dynasty 26" cambered copper timpani with range of A to F. Every single detail of this instrument was developed in perfect harmony to create a timpani of a new era. Experience and expertise from many top timpanists have gone into the design. The tuning gauge is accurate, reliable and fully adjustable. The gauge is placed in front of the player for fast and precise tuning in line with the conductor. The pedal system is a perfectly balanced spring mechanism and allows you to change pitch with a touch of your feet. The balance spring is fully adjustable with an adjusting knob on the base plate. The base plate has two large breaking front castors and two small permanent castors under the tuning pedal. This freely suspended bowl produces a totally undistinguished and undistorted tone with a superlative resonance. The kettle is created from seamless red copper. Form and depth are carefully calculated.

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