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Yamaha 8300 Small Quints w/Aluminum Tube Carrier

Item #: MQT68023F-YA

The 8200 series Field-Corps Toms feature exclusive Yamaha Air-Seal System shell construction. Deep cut 6-ply birch shells for enhanced mid range tone. The 6" tom has 8-ply birch shell without reinforcement ring.. Lightweight aluminum arch shape lug casing that allows the shell to vibrate more freely and is 12% stronger and 50% lighter. The toms are .5 lbs to 1.4 lbs pounds lighter than the previous model and includes a 2.3mm steel DynaHoop™ with unique profile to protect the bearing edge; 5.4mm tension rods for reliable tuning without extra weight; and an aluminum reinforcement ring just below the bearing edge to maintain shell integrity and clear Pinstripe® head.

Available in wrap finishes: S-Silky Silver and W-White; and see-through stain finishes: B-Black Forest, BU-Blue Forest and R-Red Forest.

RM-TFCQS Carrier
Mounting hardware

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