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Adams 4.6 Oct Artist Synthetic Marimba-Field Frame

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Item #: MAKF46-AD


The Adams MAKF46 Artist Synthetic Marimba features 4.6 Octaves of Synthetic Bars on the Adams heavy duty Field Frame. All of the other features associated with the Adams Artist Series of Marimbas are included with this instrument along with the extreme versatility that synthetic bars and an outdoor frame provide.

All Artist Marimbas bars are finished with a specially developed lacquer which ensures optimum sound. The resonators are carefully designed to amplify the fundamental note of each bar and to provide maximum sustain, power, and clarity. The patented voyager system on the Adams Artist Marimbas allows easy adjustments over a wide range of playing heights. Rails are removable and fold in half for easy packing and transportation.


  • Range: E2-C7
  • Bars: Synthetic Bars 67-40 mm
  • Pitch A: 442 Hz.
  • Frame: Endurance Field Frame
  • Length: 238 cm
  • Low end: 104 cm High end: 40 cm
  • Height adjustment: 88-108 cm

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