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Musser 3 Octave M48 Pro Traveler Vibes-Silver Bar

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Item #: M48S-MU


Pro-Traveler Vibe is an ingenious collaborative effort between Musser and acclaimed vibist Gary Burton. A remarkable combination of superb musicality and easy portability, the Pro-Traveler completely disassembles to fit in storage areas as compact as a car back seat. Crossbar and damper mechanisms separate into smaller pieces. Metal legs detach quickly, and frame rails fold in half. All components are durable, including the baked-on frame finish with Total Lock casters. The 3-octave vibraphone features wide graduated aluminum bars finished in either gold or silver. The perfect instrument for the gigging vibist.


  • Octave Range: 3.0 Octave F3-F6
  • Standard Tuning: A=442 Hz
  • Bar Material: Aluminum Silver or Gold
  • Frame Style: Wood Frame with Folding Aluminum Legs
  • Length: 56"
  • Height: 35.5"

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