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Musser Student Xylophone M47 3 1/2 8va

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Item #: M47-MU

Perfect for beginner and advancing students. The M-47 Xylo-Kit fill in the gap for a young percussion student growing from the Educational Bell Kit to a full size professional mallet instrument. Now a percussion student can have a full xylophone at a low price to expand their skill level. The M47 is a hybrid mallet instrument made with Musser USA Kelon bars on an imported frame and resonators. The black finished bars offer a full xylophone sound in 3.5 octaves (F4 - C8), tuned to A=442. The resonators are made from aluminum alloy with gold colored finish coating. End supports, brace supports and legs are made from tubular steel that can fold easily for transportation. Both Xylophones are height adjustable with 5 positions for the growing percussion student, placing the keyboard at a 32" - 37" in range. The weight is only 60 lbs. Hard rubber mallets are included.

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