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Musser 4 Octave Studio Series Paduak Marimba

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Item #: M32-MU


The M32 Studio marimba has non-graduated Padauk bars in the C3-C7 note range. The 4-octave marimba has silver finish aluminum resonators, and includes a height adjustable wood frame with folding aluminum legs. The Studio marimba is a student level personal use instrument.


  • Octave Range: 4.0 Octave, C3-C7
  • Standard Tuning: A=442 Hz
  • Bar Material: Padauk
  • Length: 61.5 Inches
  • Height: 32 - 36 Inches; 5 Position Fixed Height Adjustment
  • Low End Width: 31 Inches/ High End Width: 12 Inches

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