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Musser Concert Grand Marimba M250 4 1/3 8va

Item #: M250-MU

A classic instrument and a favorite of recitalists, symphonies, and universities worldwide. The keyboard is 4 1/3" octaves of select rosewood, each bar lightly stained, sealed, and lacquered to bring out the natural beauty and perfection of the wood. Additionally, each bar is triple-turned to make the 1st and 2nd harmonic overtones an exact match to the fundamental. Each bar rests on a multi=strand nylon cord which is suspended between rubber-insulated posts for completely distortion-free performance. Arched resonators are drawn seamless aluminum -- each is individually hand turned, mitered for increased projection, and finished in a rich gold lacquer. End caps and rails are solid maple, lacquered and hand rubbed to a lustrous sheen. End pieces are covered with scuff-resistant Naugahyde. Supplied with mallets and shallow drop cover.

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