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Grover Projection-Plus Snare Drum Maple GSM-5E-T

Item #: GSM-5ET-GR

( 5.5” x 14”) A versatile snare drum, perfect for orchestral players who prefer a bright, quick speaking drum. Equipped with the combo Silver/Bronze Custom Orchestral Snare System. Responsive and rich sounding throughout the dynamic spectrum. An excellent “general purpose” snare drum.

10-Ply Maple Shells
Our Maple Series features 10-ply shells, constructed from cross-grained New England Maple. We hand-pick only the finest Maple shells, offering a traditional warm tone and superior resonance.

The Projection-Plus™ concert snare drums now feature:

  • the Grover Piston Strainer (with GIS Indexing)
  • "low mass" tube lugs (standard), extended "non-spiral" snare wires
  • the Grover Snare Outrigger System with five-point micro-fine tuning adjustment.

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