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Adams Symphonic Chimes BK3003C 1 1/2 Chrome

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Item #: BK-3003C-AD

Adams chimes are manufactured of a chrome plated, brass alloy developed specially for Adams Creating a long sustain, massive tone, and unparalleled tuning and tonal purity Standard Series chimes feature 1 1/4" tubes, while the Symphonic and Philharmonic Series feature the larger 1 1/2" tubes Models to fit every players budget and musical needs Philharmonic Chimes are unlike any other chimes currently available on the market today Chimes are perfectly in tune and offer a unrivaled church bell-like tone quality Philharmonic chimes are offered in either chrome plated or satin brass finishes Chrome finish features a brighter timbre while the satin finish features a darker timbre Also available in the Symphonic series is a 1/2 octave extended range model (F4-B4) Adams is the only company, worldwide, to offer this product Precise tuning Provides for balanced sound through the entire range of the instrument Each tube is suspended separately Allows for easy removal Damping system Ensures direct damping of both fundamental and upper partials Redesigned frame Frame is entirely constructed of aluminum, height adjustable on the BK5003, and equipped with large wheels with brakes

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