Vic Firth M206 Pesante Vibe Mallets - Med. Soft

Item #: 7024744


The musical term “Pesante” means to “play with weight and emphasis”. And with these extraordinary new marimba/vibraphone mallets, this is just what you can expect to achieve. All of the mallets within the Pesante Series produce a dark and bold sound that project with a beautiful sonority!

M200-M204 are designed with a thick yarn that helps to minimize attack and accomplishes a very lush quality. M205-M208 are wrapped in a high density cord for enhanced articulation while still achieving a dark and pleasing sound quality. Rattan shafts are used with all models for ideal feel with these weighted mallets.


  • Medium soft
  • A very versatile mallet throughout the entire range of the instrument
  • Length = 16 3/8”
  • High Density cord on Rattan Handle

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