Yamaha MKA-S7 Abe Mallets - Blue/Lt Blue, VS, Yarn

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The Keiko Abe Signature Series features nine different degrees of soft to hard mallets (MKA-01 through MKA-09) that make it easy for an artist to select a voiced set of four for any musical situation. The hard mallets are heavy and create a full sound from the upper range of the marimba, while the bass mallets pull the fundamental resonance out of the instrument's lower range. These yarn wound mallets are ideal for solo work as well as concertos, and boast Yamaha's unique thick rattan shafts in a variety of lengths. Each mallet has a unique feature and texture as well as color-coded tape for easy identification during play.


  • Dual core that provides a full, balanced sound
  • Longer shaft for extended reach
  • Blue & Light Blue
  • Very Soft

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