Latin Percussion ES-2 Salsa Cha Cha Cowbell

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This 4-3/4" bell produces a bright and authentic Cha-Cha sound with tuned overtones that make it the ideal companion for medium and low-pitched LP Salsa Bells. The eye-bolt fits 3/8 diameter rods. Made in the USA.

The high pitch is the smallest and highest pitched of the LP Salsa Cowbell series. They are bright bells with tuned overtones and are typically associated with Cha-Cha style music. They are designed for mounted use but also provide great muffled tones when hand held.


  • 4-3/4" Mountable, Brushed Steel
  • Bright bell with tuned overtones typically associated with Cha-Cha
  • Designed to be mounted but can also produce great muffled tones when hand held
  • LP forged eye-bolt assembly provides a sure grip to any 3/8" diameter rod

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