Pro-Mark Muffle Pre-pak: 10,12,14,14,20,CYM(2),HH

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Made from a dense sponge rubber material. X-Mutes allow for sound control and silent practice. Perfect for apartments!X-Mute tom pads and cymbal pads are color coded in order to distinguish drums from cymbals. This is a perfect teaching/learning tool for new beginners. The kick drum X-Mute has an extra 10" pad attached to the center in order to increase the lifespan. The oval port on the kick drum pad allows for free movement of your bass drum pedal. The kick pad attaches to your bass drum head with Velcro tabs. This package contains 1 each of the following drum sizes: 10", 12", 14", 14" and 20". This package also contains 1 PCM1 (16"-18" cymbal X-Mute), 1 PCM2 (20"-22" cymbal X-Mute) and 1 PHHM (13"-14" Hi-Hat X-Mute).

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