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Promark DFP630 Fyffe Xylo/Bell Mallets - Hard Poly

  • $25.49
  • $46.50

Item #: 7022203


Promark DFP630 mallets feature a 1 1/8" poly head, which provides medium attack with a dark tone suitable for either xylophone or bells/glockenspiel. Rattan handles provide flexibility and assist in achieving the ideal articulation.

This DFP630 mallet has a rattan handle with a 1" poly (plastic) ball head and can be used on xylophone, bells or crotales; ideal for instruments with smaller playing areas


  • Length: 14"
  • Head Size: 1 x 1"
  • The Poly ball (plastic) head provides an warm, articulate tone Smaller head size makes this mallet idea for smaller playing areas
  • Hand-matched Rattan shafts for optimal comfort and durability

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