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Innovative Percussion IP801 Ford Soft Marimba

Item #: 7021813

IP801 - Legato Marimba Soft

Mark Ford Series
This five mallet series has been designed exclusively to the specifications of marimba soloist and percussion educator Mark Ford. Using a variety of rubber cores combined with an extra-soft yarn, the results are mallets that produce a legato tone at all dynamic levels. The unfinished natural birch handles allow the player additional control in demanding performance situations. In conjunction with Mark Ford, Innovative Percussion has designed this line of mallets to meet the needs of today's contemporary marimba soloist.


  • Rubber cores to create a full, rich tone and warm fundamental
  • Unfinished natural birch handles
  • Extra-soft yarn wrap for minimal contact sound

IP801 - Legato Marimba Soft

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