Vic Firth HHPBASS Bass Drum Practice Pad

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Features a barbell design that mounts on any cymbal stand for vertical and quiet marching bass drum practice. The player can see stick angles, stick heights, and "side-to-side line-up" while practicing on a 14" wide setup just like an actual marching bass drum. The pads also let you know when you are not correctly centering your strokes by increasing the metallic volume when strokes are off-center. Sturdy steel construction with a mounting post designed to fit all brands of cymbal stands and 1/4" thick gum rubber pads for a realistic feel. Can be used with sticks or mallets.


  • Gum Rubber Playing Surfaces
  • Barbell Design
  • Mounts Onto Any Cymbal Stand
  • Visualize Correct Stick Placement/Angle
  • Sturdy Steel Construction

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