Vic Firth Quadropad Practice Pad Large

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Perfect for the marching tenor drummer, these pads were designed and laid out to exactly match the ideal set of marching quads. The pads are spaced from the playable part of each drum, just inside of the drum shell’s bearing edge. The large Quadropad includes 2 rubber "spock" drum pads, giving the player the ability to set up 5 drum or 6 drum configurations. “Spock” drum pads are made with thinner gum rubber than the 4 main quad drums, allowing for a more authentic feel. Sturdy wooden base features open cell foam rubber for the ultimate in skid-resistance. The drum pads included on this set approximate the accurate playing areas of 6", 10", 12", 13" and 14" inch drums, and are laid out accurately and cut for ALL playing areas, both standard and “scrape”. Vic Firth Heavy Hitter LAMINATES are heavy duty, 14 ply MYLAR discs that rid the player of the “side to side drag” that occurs when playing “scrapes” on rubber. Each laminate comes with a special double-sided adhesive for easy application.

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