Innovative CL-2 Christopher Lamb Laminate Drum Sti

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Heartwood Hickory Elongated Oval Bead Extra Long Taper Length: 17" Thickness: .645" Designed to the exacting specifications of Christopher Lamb, Principal Percussionist with the New York Philharmonic, the CL-1(H) and CL-2 are designed specifically for the orchestral snare drummer. The CL-1 is constructed in a choice of high quality maple or white hickory, and a long taper for a great feel and quick response. The bullet shaped bead creates a full dark sound at pianissimo to mezzo forte volume levels. The CL-2 is constructed of heartwood hickory, a denser and heavier wood, and features an extra long taper and elongated bead resulting in a darker more legato sound.

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