Black Swamp TD1 10" Chromium 25 Tambourine

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SoundArt Series™ Tambourines are made with four metals: Chromium 25™, Phosphor Bronze, German Silver, and Beryllium Copper. Each jingle is hand-hammered and custom fitted to each tambourine for a full and dynamically versatile sound. Each of our tambourines has a distinctive timbre, allowing players to always have the right sound at their fingertips for any musical situation.

All models are made with a solid, steam-bent Ash shell, which is stained, lacquered, and polished to display the natural beauty of the wood. Solid wood shells enable our tambourines to project with great clarity at every dynamic.

Captive jingle pins are mounted from the top of the shell, guaranteeing that jingles can never fall out. Dual-size jingle slots make seamless shake rolls easy.

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