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Innovative Percussion ASMM Mcintosh Arena Sticks

Item #: 7017828

The AS-MM signature Arena Series marching snare drumstick has been designed to the specifications of Mike McIntosh, Music Coordinator and Percussion Arranger for the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps and Percussion Coordinator for the award winning Carmel High School Band. The AS-MM is the first product in the new Arena Series, designed specifically for use in the indoor marching percussion environment. Constructed of heartwood hickory for excellent

  • durability and response, the AS-MM features the full size thickness of an outdoor marching drumstick with a smaller round bead for increased articulation. The short taper and smaller neck creates a stick with a quick rebound and excellent response.

    • Heartwood Hickory
    • Round Bead
    • Short Taper
    • Length: 16 3/4"
    • Thickness: .690"

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