Innovative Percussion CT-5 Timp Mallets Staccato

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5/8" Cherry wood handles, in a rich dark stain Partially hollowed handles create the feel and balance of bamboo mallets Wood Cores on the five cartwheel models (CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-4, CT-5) Hard Felt Ball on the Ultra Staccato model (CT-6) Woven felt liners High quality German felt covers The unique feel and balance of the Concert Series Timpani Mallets is created through the use of richly stained cherry wood handles. Each handle is hollowed out at the front and back of the shaft to create the feel and balance of bamboo mallets without the inconsistencies and durability issues normally associated with that material. The result is an exceptionally consistent and well-balanced timpani mallet. The five cartwheel models feature wood cores, woven felt liners, and the highest quality German felt covers, while the CT-6 Ultra Staccato model features are unique handle design with a hard felt ball head for increased articulation. The Concert Series Timpani Mallets unique design and craftsmanship are unlike any mallet available on the market today.

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