Innovative Percussion IP701 Engelman Perc Mallets

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Specially designed for multi-percussion and bass marimba applications
Extra-large synthetic core for added weight and projection
Extra-durable rattan handles, shortened for increased control
100% soft wool wrap

This series of mallets is designed to meet the meticulous demands of NEXUS percussionist and composer Robin Engelman. The multi-percussion/bass marimba mallet was designed with a core of substantial weight to produce a rich fundamental and for use as a multi-percussion implement. The six additional models of ensemble mallets are structured with choir voices in mind. The mallets are voiced as follows: IP702/IP705 tenor voice, IP703/IP706 alto voice, and IP704/IP707 soprano voice. The yarn models are designed to produce a warm legato articulation, while the cord models create a stronger staccato articulation. Specially designed with the mallet ensemble in mind, this series covers the broad spectrum of tonal qualities to fulfill all the needs of today's modern percussion ensemble.

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