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Pearl BC2000 Cymbal Boom Stand

  • $129.00
  • $379.00

Item #: 7013054

Features & Benefits
1. GyroLock Tilter - The GyroLock tilter features full 360-degree of range of motion for precise cymbal positioning--just tilt, lock, and play! It’s that easy! The GyroLock is removable and can be attached in different configurations for unparalleled versatility.The tilters are available separately (TL2000) and more can be added to permit multiple cymbals and percussion to be mounted to the same stand!

2. Pearl’s WingLoc WL-200 (Patent Pending) makes old fashion wingnuts a bleak memory with its snap on, snap off ease of use. Whereas traditional wingnuts have to be manually unscrewed or screwed tighter, the WingLoc just slides onto a cymbal holder and snaps together to hold the cymbal firmly in a matter of seconds. As well as being easier and quicker to use, the WingLoc also banishes into the past the usually problem of wingnuts flying off and being lost and also does away with the need for plastic cymbal protection sleeves.

3. Knurled Tilter Cymbal Post – Allows versatile mounting of cowbells or percussion effects to the GyroLock tilter.

4. Reversible Cymbal Seat Cup - The GyroLock tilter features a Reversible Plastic Cymbal Seat Cup (Patent Pending) that floats for free movement or locks for rattle-free performance for recording.

5. Convertible Boom Tilter – The BC-2000 features two Tiltable Boom Arms. Used in-line, the booms telescope for amazing reach. Used horizontally, the boom offers almost endless positioning possibilities.

6. Removable Boom Counterweight: Removing the counterweight allows the BC-2000 to convert to a conventional boom/cymbal stand when more compactness is required.

7. UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wing Bolts – UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wing Bolts feature an ingenious ergonomic handle with notches that allows your drumsticks to be used for loosening if needed.

8. Die Cast Pipe Joints – Our extra tall die cast pipe joints have greater surface area for unrelenting grip. Stop Locks assure rock solid performance and repeatable set-ups.

9. No Rattle Tubes - Industrial-designed nylon bushings inside the tubes prevent metal-to-metal contact for rattle free performance making this stand ideal for recording session work!

10. Extra Large Non-Slip Feet - Keeps your instruments firmly planted and absorbs unwanted overtones and vibrations.

11. Parallel Double Braced Struts – Sure Struts provide the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it.

12. Tripod Base Memory Lock: A StopLock on the tripod provides consistent open positioning for quick and easy repeatable set-ups.

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