Innovative Percussion FS150 Soft Marimba Mallets

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This line of mallets is designed with durability, projection and tone quality in mind. Each marimba model has a hard rubber core with the weight to fill any stadium with the warmest fundamental tone possible. The wrap, used exclusively for the marimba mallets, is a special tightly woven multi-ply wool with proven strength and durability.Our Field Series mallets are constructed with durable rattan and highly polished birch shafts for a smooth, natural finish. The winning combination of hand crafted quality and field tested design has led Innovative Percussion's Field Series mallets to the forefront of today's marching ensemble.


  • Hard rubber cores to create a full, rich tone and warm fundamental
  • Increased weight for added projection
  • Highly polished birch or extra durable rattan handles
  • 100% wool for a concert hall timbre outdoors

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